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Man & Moon is a digital agency working as a product team. We love collaborating with entrepreneurs on ambitious, innovative projects. If you just want a run-of-the-mill brochure website, we are not the company for you. But if you want to work with a creative team to brainstorm and explore an idea you're excited about — then we can't wait to meet you.

We believe that good digital design is not just about meeting the existing needs of the business, it's about opening up the business concept to its full potential. We won't let you make mistakes and invest in an idea that won't work. At Man & Moon, we like to expand and experiment with your idea at every stage: we will test it; we will stretch it; we will perfect it. And then — we will create it.

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True beauty lies beneath.

Design is more than look and feel; design is an experience.

We care about products that are pleasant to use, not just stunning to look at. Our products are gorgeous - but they're also intuitive and innovative.

User experience is incredibly important to us. We consider information architecture first to ensure that business goals, content strategy, and usability remain evident during the entire process. Our planning is good for your business: by creating a purposeful user flow, we guide your customers right where you want them. And we're not stuck in the past. We know that the majority of web content is viewed through a mobile device, and that's why we design everything mobile first.

By combining state of the art aesthetics with an instinctive user experience, we create products that are truly beautiful — inside and out.

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Technology moves fast.
We move faster.

We use the latest technologies to wow people.

Lazy development can ruin a beautifully planned product, and we will not let this happen to you. Our expert developers will bring your concept to consumers' fingertips in new ways, utilising our flexible and inventive methodology.

Users are no longer content to wait for pages to load, or to sit back and consume endless content: they want to dive in and play. That's why we create products that encourage exploration and interaction, while keeping the magic underneath from disrupting the user experience.

If your idea can be made into a physical product, let's do that. If your product would look great on video, let's do that too. Let's work together to see where your idea can go, and then take it there.

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Work with us.

Let's see how far your idea can go.

If you have an idea that you're ready to take to the next level, we'd love to hear from you. Contact us with details of your project or any questions you may have. If you'd rather blow our minds in person, feel free to pop in for a cup of tea, chat, and game of ping pong at our Carnaby Street office.

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